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Help me Diagnose bloody poop pictures!

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I have 15 chicks that are about 4.5 weeks old, I moved them into their new coop this week (brand new just finished) and I insulated the coop with blue board type insulation. I quickly noticed that they began eating the insulation so i was forced to sheet the inside of the coop but they did manage to eat some insulation before I figured out they were doing this. Well a couple of days later I noticed a spot of blood that I thought might have been poop but I could not find any stool in it, I posted something on here and someone told me unless I saw more not to worry as the blood could've come from anywhere. Today I finished my run and let the chicks outside for the first time for about a half hour or so (with me supervising the entire time) and they all seemed to really enjoy being out, nobody acted sick or lethargic or any different than normal so far as I could tell, but when I was putting them back into the coop I noticed a couple of dried poops on the roost that appeared to have blood in them.


I took a couple of pictures to see if anyone has any advice on if this could've come from the insulation, or possibly coccidiosis, or something else, or something I don't need to worry about? I did see several of my chicks poop while I was watching them (also got pooped on a time or two-yuck) but all of those poops appeared normal and free of blood...I haven't seen any fresh poop with blood since Monday and only 2-3 poops total that had any blood in them...any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!



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Perhaps I should also mention these are McMurray hatchery birds that I had vaccinated for coccidiosis and Mareks before they were shipped to me
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Ok, so since you had them vaccinated you are not feeding medicated starter, correct? That would negate the vaccine.


Some times chick/chickens shed their intestinal linings and it looks like weird blood poop.


I currently have also only a few blood poos every now and then, with no signs of illness. Everybody is acting normal. Chicks are 4.5 weeks old. And other than seeing them first thing in the morning, I have literally witnessed normal looking poos from each bird throughout the day. I decided to take a sample to my vet. Cost was $25 and confirmed cocci. I thought I was doing fine, but found our my bedding was moister than it seemed (not anymore). My chicks were not vaccinated and no medicated feed. Obviously I am now treating with Corid (same ingredient as medicated feed.


Chickens don't actually need insulation. Ventilation is more important, and protection from wind.


Have you tried fermented feed? I highly recommend it. Since I started, the smell is way less and most poos are solid with only the occasional runny. My dogs only like to eat the runny ones, before they used to like them all. :sick 


Sounds like you are being vigilant.


Good luck, sorry if I didn't help much! 

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Yes I have been feeding non-medicated feed and the insulation was mainly to block off cracks between my siding (I have a saw mill and used rough sawn lumber which dried and left cracks and I was worried about wind blowing through in the winter)...but I have now covered the insulation so they can't get to it anymore. Would giving them the corrid as a preventive have any negative side affects? I wasn't sure with them being vaccinated...
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Well I think it would counter act the effect of the vaccine. But this far in, I'm not sure. Since the Corid costed me $20 and the float test at the vet was only $25, I would probably get the test instead of trying to treat an unknown. It may not be cocci, but the test is a full fecal exam for other stuff to.


Ya, I can visualize in my head... when we built a fence with green lumbar the cracks between the board when dried was significant. 


Lots of people have had their chickens eat insulation. I've never heard any horror stories as a consequence, usually just giggling. No judgement on my part. I would think the "big brother", who won't quit trying to regulate everything I do against my constitutional rights (kids can't get toys in happy meals in SF), while they break the laws themselves and use my tax $ to fund their idealistic programs (including paying for transgender operation for CA inmate after already covering their hormone replacements), would have stopped us from being able to put it in our homes. We already can't buy 60 watt bulbs anymore or put a regular flush toilet in our bathrooms. I'm all high efficiency already anyways just because I'm frugal and also don't believe in wasting resources. Sorry for the little side rant!


To the point about me being a tight wad... I wouldn't recommend spending $ on a test if I didn't think it could be truly helpful. That's if you're able to, I know not all situation are the same.

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Well I ended up getting the corid and giving it to them yesterday, I live way back in the mountains of North Carolina and I'm not even sure if we have a vet around here that would see a chicken. I always had chickens when I was growing up but this is my first time raising birds from chicks without a mama hen around so there's a lot for me to learn.

Also, I spend a good part of most days complaining about the government so your rant was quite enjoyable haha...I can't even imagine what it would be like to live in California.

I appreciate your advice and hopefully the bloody poo will clear up soon, thanks!
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I have tons to learn also. That's why I read threads even if I may not have the same issues.


Glad my rant was more amusing than annoying. :duc


If you don't mind, let me know how it works out for your birds. I learn by paying attention.


Best wishes!

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Well I've been giving them the corid water since Friday, and everyone seems to be happy and healthy. I'm still not sure if I truly had a problem or not but I felt better going ahead and treating for it rather than risk losing part of my flock like I've heard from other folks. I'll keep you updated if anything changes!
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Glad they are doing well.

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My week old chicks had foamy mustard colored poop yesterday and now it's a brown jelly. I was told to treat them for coccidiosi . They are on an organic feed. Can I get some opinions on this? I am very very new to raising chicks
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