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Transporting in the heat

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So, for awhile now I've been staying with my brother in western Washington while the hubby works a job up here. While I've been here I've put together a quail breeding colony and helped my brother with his yard birds (over 50 chickens, some ducks, and occasionally turkeys).
This summer we're getting ready to go home in southeastern Arizona, and I plan on taking my quail, and possibly a trio of chickens as well as hatching eggs from my brother to help start up a new flock at home.
I've taken that trip before with birds but they were parrots. I kept them stocked in halved grapes as their water source for the 3-4 day trip and they did fine. I'm not sure if that will work for chickens as I'll be taking this trip in the peak of summer and the truck we'll be driving doesn't have AC. I was wondering if anyone else has made a similar trip with birds??? Any and all ideas would help! Could giving them water when we stop, and watery fruits while on the road be enough?  I could scrap the idea of taking the chickens, and even the quail, and just bring the hatching eggs, but would rather not have to.  

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We hit 105 today and it's not forecasted to get much better.....


Airflow while travelling would be the issue for me as our birds are just fine with box fans in the high heat.  However, a massive temp difference between states wouldn't allow much transition and you might be in the same boat as only having hatching eggs left over added to the stress of keeping them alive and sane.  I have no idea what the temps you are in now are though.


IMHO, it would probably be more humane to leave the birds where they are acclimated and start new when you settle down.  Every other ad on CL in this area is for hatching eggs, chicks, or chickens (some of them are mine), so you would have no problem re-establishing.  Even quail.  Hit me up if you need any of the above and I can probably help or turn you onto someone that can.


Maybe someone else who has moved a flock will chime in.


Good luck.

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Right now it's maxing around 80 here, and I know in the time of the summer we'll be leaving it usually gets into the 90's.  It has been known to get over 100 here for a couple days at a time, but it's rare.   It's a tough choice for sure, I really like the chickens my brother has said I can have, and like the quail colony I've put together too.  But I can bring hatching eggs from both.  
Also, while I've been gone the chicken coop has been a storage for keeping things out of the sun, so it's not even really ready to put chickens in as soon as I get home.  I'll have to clean it out. But that's not too hard they can wait inside the fencing and mill about while I clean it.     Gahhhh!!!!   I hate having to make this choice.

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