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Duck Owners In Idaho!

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Hi! I am new to ducks (I haven't gotten my ducklings yet. June 22!) I would really like to touch base with you awesome duck owners in Idaho. 

To become friends (none of my friends or family have ducks) and I would LOVE some duck friends that were close to home.

Perhaps for swapping of services such as fertilized duck eggs of one breed for another. borrowing a drake etc. or selling of services.

but mainly I would just like to get to know you and your ducks!

What do ya say?

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Here is a little about me.

I Live in Sugar City Idaho with my three kids two dogs and awesome husband.

I have always wanted ducks however I had no idea how to take care of them and I did not want a drake but the people at the feed store said that there was no way to sex them so it was 50/50 on what I would get. I did't want to take that chance. I really wanted to get girls for there eggs and because ducks are awesome. I didn't want to take the chance of becoming attached to a drake then having to eat or find him another home.

Then my friend called me saying a friend of hers was giving away three girl ducks about 9 months old. I jumped at the chance! however that night after I had talked to the owner of the ducks It was discovered that there had been a mix up and someone else had taken the ducks.

I was ok with it, disappointed of course. but I had the duck bug. So I looked on line for a hatchery came across Metzerfarms and found out that they sex there ducks!!! I am getting my 4 girls on June 22 and we are so excited!! my kids especially. they each have picked out names for there duck. We are getting a Welsh Harlequin (Heather), Cayuga(Sarah), Buff(?) and White Layer(Daisy).

I could not afford the shipping for small orders so I put a add on Craigslist and Facebook for a duck Co-op. two other ladys joined and we made our 10 duck minimum! 

However I may end up with 6 ducks because the second lady has not payed me for her two we will see...

I don't think I would mind however because I adore the Welsh. they are my favorite breed.

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