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3 day old chicks... concerns...

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We just received 27 chicks yesterday (2 are extras) and this is our first time raising chicks.  We have them set up in baby pool 6' in diameter with cardboard around the outside to make the walls higher.  They are all happy, active and healthy but one... who's clearly one of my extras because it doesn't look anything like the other chicks.   This chick, who we've name olive(r), was crammed in the corner of the box under the other chicks and seems weak.  It eats mash (I mixed a little sugar water and feed into a mush) like crazy when I provide it, and will drink water when I dip the tip of it's beak... but other than that just stands around with it's head hanging low.  It will also fall asleep in my hand if I hold it.  It's condition just seems to be exactly the same today as yesterday.  Is there anything else I can do for it, or just keep on doing what I am?


Second concern, 3 of the Black Sex-Linked chicks came with a small bald spot on the top of their right winds (shoulder?).  I don't see any bugs or lice, and I don't see much pecking happening in the brooder.. could this just have been pecking in transport or just where they don't have feathers yet?  Other than that, their just as happy and active as the rest... except poor olive(r)...


Yes, I broke the cardinal rule of not naming them... only to name the weekest =(


Thanks in advance for the advice...


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My BSLs also had no down over their wing joints. They did great...moved them out to the coop this week.

Two additional things you can do for Olive(r) that may/may not help. First is to get a vitamin supplement...occasionally a hen doesn't include enough of a particular vitamin (esp E) in the yolk for the chick and the deficiency can cause weakness. Second is to get a probiotic supplement...this will help set up a healthy microflora in the gut which will improve digestion and fight disease. You can include both in the water and find them at a local feed/farm store.
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Thank you for your response!  I picked up some vitamins from my local Tractor Supply but they didn't have probiotics in stock, so I picked up some yogurt and stirred in a little starter feed and Olive(r) went crazy and gobbled it down... fingers crossed! 

Thank you for sharing about your BSL's... that's a relief... I was worried they were already diseased.

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