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Almost done

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Water supply and feeder

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Wow, good job.


I like you feeder and waterer.


How does the waterer work? Nipples?


Also how do you keep the feed from clogging up?



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The water has nipples we just started using the feeder so hopefully it will not get stopped up. I thought about a wedge in the tube where it splits off to help the flow
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OK, how big is your pipe?


I had a 4" PVC pipe feeder and it was stopped up every time I checked it so I ended up just using a normal feeder.


Mine was a 90 degree bend though so maybe that was it.


Anyway good job it looks GR8



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I used the 4 inch pipe but I used a 45 degree angle. I might have to put a cone is the center to help distribute the feed.
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Here are some close ups

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oh, ok


I see



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