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Fluffed up

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Cand anyone tell me what is wrong with my chick she is about 5 to 6 weeks old has runny nose and leaking from one eyeany help will be appropriated thank you
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I know being puffed up is a sign of cocci. Not sure about the other symptoms.

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What are the other symptoms of coccidiosis
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Bloody stool, but not always. And listlessness. Maybe reduced feeding and drinking. Are you using medicated starter? Do you have other chicks? Are you keeping it warm enough? Have you had the chick all along and what kind of brooder are you using?

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I took a sample to my vet, it was $25 and confirmed cocci. I had no symptoms except 3 bloody poos in as many days out of 10 chicks. I pay attention too closely sometimes. But better safe than sorry.

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I haven't found any bloody stools or watery stools I mix sulmet in the water
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I have heard of Sulmet but am unfamiliar with it. Is she still eating and drinking? Not all cocci presents as bloody poos. There are 9 different strains I think. Not saying that's what it is, just sharing what little info I do have.


I wish I could be more help. At least posting will bump it back on the board for someone else to see and try to help, I hope. 


Good luck!

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Thank you she is still eating and drinking
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My husbands uncle said to give her la 200 and she is looking really good after gave her la 200
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She is doing really good
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