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Our year old Welsummer got Bumblefoot. We caught it early I'm guessing because it didn't have near the infected tissue as some of the Bumblefoot cases I have seen on video. Our chicken had the swollen area at the base of her middle toe. I watched 5 videos of slightly different techniques on Youtube and decided on the one I would use. We washed her foot really well and soaked it in epsom salt and warm water. We wrapped her in a towel and I used betadine before I started cutting. I cut a 1/2" diameter around the center of the dark spot and pulled out a "core" of infected tissue. I rinsed the hole in her toe out with water and bandaged her foot with a little neosporin. She can walk on her foot with ease but we have isolated her in a chick coop for now. I'll be watching her real close for any signs of infection or bleeding. So far, so good.