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rough muck growth?? on legs

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Hi All, one of my road island reds has got all this dry muck on her legs, looks like dried mud,

( its not tho) Ive tried to peel it but only a few bits came of, none of my chooks have ever got this before, need help to clear it up, Washing..Peeling or medication???help needed, thanks for any help

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Can you post some photos?

Is it dirt or could it be scaly leg mites?

Try soaking the legs in a warm bath for about 15-20min and then gently scrub the legs with a soft brush to see if whatever it is will loosen.

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I will try to get pics at bedtime, to late now they are all out, I lock them up about 5.30 each eve, so will try, if it mites, what can I use to clear it, our feed store will be open tomorow (monday)  so I could buy what i need then, thanks for help, will post pics asap..cheers Dee

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There are several ways to treat Scaly Leg Mites. One of the easiest and cheapest would be soak the legs, scrub gently with a soft brush, dry the legs, then dip the legs in oil (vegetable, linseed, coconut, etc.) then slather on some  vaseline or  a+d ointment. The idea is the oil smothers the mites which are living under the scales of the legs/feet. The vaseline/a+d ointment will help seal the oil in. You may need to repeat the treatment a couple of times a week.


Here's a couple of links with photos and several "options" for treatment.

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