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Heavy Duty Chicken Tractor

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Hello Everyone! My name is Justin and I'm brand new to the BYC community.  I just finished building our ranches first chicken tractor.  This will be used in the summers for our meat birds.  Just wanted to show some pictures and see if anyone has some suggestions on how to improve!

The tractor is 12x12 with a pitched roof and 8x8 covered area. all sides are open except the back wall which we face toward the wind direction.  The roof overhangs 6 inches on both sides.  the frame work is 2x4 construction.  1/2in hardware cloth was stapled to a 2x2 frame inside the wall and then sandwiched with a 1x2.  our chickens have spent a couple nights in it so far and haven't had a problem.  tried to make this as predator proof as possible, we have a lot of raccoon and opossum problems here in rural Missouri.

Thanks for taking a look, hope everyone has a great day!





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Nice looking coop, and nice looking yard too!  :welcome

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Thank You!  I still need to figure out the wheel system a little better.  anyone have any ideas to make the wheels lock in position for moving the coop??

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Getting the wheel ready.


The 4' tall run (the right side) with wheels. Just have a sheet over the top of coop to keep hot sun off them, and to make it harder for the hawks to see them.

For us, these metal bars work pretty good.  When we used the wood bars, the wood cracked and the wheel came off.  These pics are posted under coops in the gallery (tractor with 2 runs) or I can have my husband explain it better when he gets off work.  These work well for us.

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Looks nice
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