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Coop almost done

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I am almost finished with my coop and I have a few questions. I based it on the USDA plans for an 8x8 poultry house but I didn't put up the cupola. I did use 2x6 rafters and will be covering the soffit area with hardware cloth, will that coupled with the windows(still have to cover them as well) provide enough ventilation? Also, I was planning on using some 1/2" thick plastic(pvc I think, it was used for house trim) for a guillotine type pop door. Would that be secure or should I cover the outside of it with aluminum flashing?
Thanks for any input.

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Very nice coop!

I would think that anything that could chew through 1/2" plastic could also chew through wood, so I think it would be fine?

I know there's an equation for figuring out how much ventilation is sufficient, but I don't have it saved. I always vastly overdo it, because I can always cover it up if I need to.
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