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Should I treat with corid?

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My 8 weekers are outside in their "playpen" i made today and I noticed this in some of the poo. Very small. Should i treat them with corid? Also they are in the main coop with mt.main flock just separated. Should i treat my whole flock? Will this affect eggs? Everyone seems ok from what i see but not sure what to do.
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I would get some Corid, and go ahead and start it. It will not affect the eggs, since it is not an antibiotic. There is no withdrawal. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp per gallon of water if using Corid powder. Treat for 5 days. Symptoms of coccidiosis are lethargy, hunched posture, not eating, and runny droppings with mucus or blood. It won't harm anyone if it isn't coccii, but blood is usually a sign. Other signs may follow, so it can be good to start treatment. After treatment is finished, give several days of vitamins and probiotics.
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