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2 barred rocks?

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I was just wondering if the two black and white chicks are barred rocks. I know the
brown one is an EE, though i was told she was an Ameraucana.
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They don't look like barred rocks to me.

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They are Silver Laced Wyandottes "the two black ones"

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Here is my barred rock pullet for a comparison:
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Two Silver Laced Wyandottes. The brown one is not an Easter Egger. Looks more like a Welsummer or Brown Leghorn.

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Welsummer was my first thought on that other one to.

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They have different markings on their head. Then my barbed rock chicks.
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So is my welsumer a male or female I hear you can tell early. What about the wyadonttes?
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Can you get a shot of the feathers on the chest? I think at least one of the Wyandottes is a cockerel.

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How can you tell?

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