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Shes a she! Right?
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Very girly red feathers coming in on the chest. Pullet for sure.

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I just wish every other breed/coloration were as easy.

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Yea ik i thought oneof my ee was a girl but then i noticed how different he carried himself and how red his comb was compared to the girls....turns out hes a he lol
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I breed Easter Eggers. I'm really good at sexing them most of the time. 

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Im five months into owning chickens so im still learning a lot. My first six were two production red and four ee. One of my originals died (i cried and missed school cause of that) and when i went to buy another one chicken math added up to three instead XD
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LOL. I set 3 dozen eggs in my incubator after losing one hen suddenly. I am no stranger to chicken math.

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Haha I would totally get more chickens if it wasn't for the coop space. I definitely have to upgrade. I want to hatch them under one of my hens though. Do you know when they start laying on their eggs? They're five months and I think three are laying cause I get three eggs a day.two blue ones and one brown. I assume that there are two different birds laying the blue eggs cause I'm pretty sure they're different shades. It's hard to tell though. I don't even know who exactly is laying.
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They are a few days old in the picture but now they are 6 weeks old. At 3 weeks they did look like your chicks in the picture but I didn't have pictures of them at that age. They grow so fast!
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Most breeds will start lay between 18 and 25 weeks of age.
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