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can a chick get gangreen of feet?

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My sister has a baby chick...its 5 days old. Feet all curled up and turning black. The othervfoot is developing blisters. The egg came from my dUghters preschool class. Im not even sure who I can call. [IMG]
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Welcome to BYC. Could the chick have gotten it's toes injured and that it is now bruised? Could someone have stepped on the toes or it got them pinched? The picture is fuzzy to see details. Try some BComplex vitamins or poultry vitamins in the water that contain riboflavin (vitamin B2.)
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It came out of the shell that way. Its poor little foot is all curled up and starting to turn black... all of its toes.  Its other foot is starting to swell and develope blisters.   These eggs came from a preschool.. the teacher admitted she could not get the humidity level right. out of the 22 eggs, only 4 hatched and only 2 of the 4 are still alive and not right.  My sister has been putting asprin in its water and neosporen on his feet as the other little one is pecking at his feet.  The poor thing tries to walk and falls. 

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Can you try to get the chick to a vet? Put some iodine or Vetericyn on the toes. If they are dead, the toes will probably fall off eventually.
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