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I just had to catch Madison. She doesn't go into the coop herself. She was that size when I got her so she isn't tame at all I have to work with her on that. She isn't easy to catch. I like the stripes on spider and Mary Janes head also it is ashame that they will loose that
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Are you going to get another pearl guinea like Madison?  We've had ours since they were 2 days old.  My husband got them at Rural King when they had chick days. 

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Yes I am gettin another pearl Guinea like Madison. Where is the place u got your Guineas at located????
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Those are my ducks
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He got them in Jeffersonville, In.  Your ducks are very pretty do you have a male and 2 females?  I have 15 ducks I don't know how I got that many.  Duck math is worse then chicken math I think.  :D


Here are some pics of my ducks.  


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Yes I have one male and two females. I like your ducks also.
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I hope u are doing ok patty u haven't responded.
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I would like to join your thread as well.  I am new to guinea fowl and have no prior experience with poultry.  We have 16 keets - 2 weeks old tomorrow and 1 male adult (Henry) - just given to us by a friend.  It's been a real learning experience, but I'm enjoying them.  I'm working with them to train to a cow bell so I can ring it and they will come back to roost in their shed for the night.  I learned from a friend that meal worms are a VERY high motivational treat for them - they go into a feeding frenzy with them.  I currently have the keets in a heated room in the basement in a brooder box (cardboard) inside a pack and play.  We have a utility shed outside and just attached a run, but are quickly realizing it won't be big enough and are looking to get a larger building.  Originally, we didn't intend to keep them over the winter, but have decided to commit to having them with us year round.  We live on 10 acres in Central New York and got them to keep the bugs and tick population at bay.  Looking forward to learning more about these beautiful birds... Here are a couple of pics - the keets at one week old, Henry in the utility shed and our dog, Chloe inspecting the box when they arrived.




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I'm fine just spend a lot of time outside today.  I was sitting on the swing outside and here come the guineas.  Who knew guineas love to swing.  :D They are much friendlier then my ducks and most of chickens.  I have a pair of purple crock shoes and they love to peck the holes in them.  I got my tomatoe plants planted and we weeded the flower bed out front and put down mulch.  The chickens won't let me have flowers so I will just make a rock garden out of it.  


Hi Glenlee glad you joined.  Your guineas are so cute and I love Henry he is very handsome.  I'll have to try the mealworms for our guineas.  I bought them some millet I've read they love it but these two have turned their beaks up on it and won't eat it.  That's a good idea on the cowbell they can hear that and know it's time to come in for the night.  I've been catching mine in the yard and putting them in the coop.  I hope one day they will go in on their own.  10 acreas is a lot of ground for them to cover.  They should really enjoy that.  They really grow on you after a while.  I love watching them walk around their so cute.  

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