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Chicken in shock after

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A dog attacked no injuries to be seen. Emergency do I let her sleep or not. HELP!

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Hi welcome-byc.gif

Sorry to hear about your dog attack. Keep her warm, quiet and isolated. A dog crate is good for this. Shock can be a killer as much as any injuries. If she wishes to sleep that's fine as long as she is quiet.

Good luck with her fl.gif
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Thanks for the help. Yea she is trying to close her eyes btw its a little chic. I will let her sleep then.

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Once she has settled and hopefully got over the shock you can give her a better look over for any injuries. Keeping her warm, settled and quiet is the priority right now.
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Thanks again Yea Im going to be with her all day keeping an eye out. Oh where will she sleep at night if in shock? Im thinking a box with alot oh holes and warm clothes.

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If you don't have a dog crate a box will be fine for her highfive.gif
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Okay thanks Now I will be worry free except she is not eating which is common for a shock. I do make her drink water and I try to give her favorite which is lettuce.

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