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Heat lamp in coop?

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My chicks are right at 5 weeks old and I put them in the coop today for the first time. I want to leave them there overnight from now on but I'm concerned about the temp tonight. It is going to get to 46 over night but will warm back up to mid 70s tomorrow. Should I run a heat lamp? I would have to use extension cords to the coop and would prefer not to use one unless it is essential.
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I'm watching the thread... Similar issue! Coop just got done today coincidentally right during a cold snap. Mine are six weeks and they'd go from 65 in the garage without a heat lamp to 40 in the unheated coop. I'm leaning towards turning on the heat lamp (also via three extension cords)--it seems to be nudging it about 15-20 degrees in the warmest spot, with lots of cooler space. Thinking first day in the coop would have made them stressed and don't want chilled on top of it!
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I did that...they were 5 weeks old. Couldn't sleep worrying...they were just fine in the morning!  I didn't have the heart to bring them back in when they were obviously enjoying the new coop so much!  They had full feathering...I put an incandescent bulb in there while the temperatures first went to the 40's, and then the cold snap really came on. One night it went to 21 degrees!  They were just fine again. I bring them warm mash in the morning....they were out in their run hanging out today at 38 degrees. 


They seem calm, happy and healthy! 


edit: Now they're 9.5 weeks old; it was 38 today. Cold again.

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I went ahead and put them in the coop with a heat lamp. Temp is holding about 77 In the coop right now but its supposed to get to 44 over night. I guess I would rather be safe than sorry. After tonight they shouldn't need it any time soon. Just out of curiosity, have either of you found a way to get your chicks to go into the coop via the ladder? Mine will go about half way and then turn around.
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If they have full feathering, proper nutrition and a ventilated but draft free coop, they won't need a heat lamp. It may be 38F outside, but it will be much warmer than that inside an non-insulated coop. Their feathers will keep them warm to temps much cooler than that.
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Once baby chicks have all their feathers, the food they eat keeps them plenty warm and the feathers keep their bodies from losing the heat. No heat lamp is needed.

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Mine are locked in for a few days, read that somewhere it's a good idea so they figure out coop is home.
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Mine stayed in by choice....for a few days. Then they came out to the run on their own. One thing that helped was having a light (one that doesn't shine outside) in the coop when dusk arrives. They'll take themselves inside on their own.

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