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Welsummer Chick

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I got it on 4/18 and at that point, it was probably a week or so old. I've posted about it before because it was worrying me. It doesn't seem to have grown in size, just some more feathers, which are puffed up half the time. It enjoys the heat lamp more than the rest. It was suggested to me that I give it egg, which I did but it wasn't that interested. It eats & drinks with the rest of them. Since it's a little smaller & weaker, it will let the bigger ones go first. It'll go crazy for some meal worms. 😊

I didn't think it was pooping for a while but figured it would've died rather quickly, if it wasn't. Then, it was also suggested that I treat with Corrid, which I did for about a week. After I'd treated it for a couple days, I started seeing it poop, which I thought was a good sign.

But over the last day or so, it seems to be back peddling. I have been holding it for nearly an hour & there's been no poop. It's just sleep on my tummy, with its head turned & beak nuzzled in its feathers.

I know that sick chicks make for sick adults but if there's anything that can be done, I'd like to try. However, I don't know what else I can do. 😕
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At some point, and trust me, I've been there, you need to decide if this chick #1 is suffering, and #2 has no future. Then if you care greatly about this little being, you will end its bleak existence.


This is one of the hardest things about keeping and caring for chickens, but sometimes this needs to be done.:hugs

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How would I make the call? Meaning, what should I be looking for? And if that's the call to be made, what is the easiest (most pain-free/no suffering) way?

My larger ones will be out in the cook next weekend so I was hoping that it would thrive once the bigger ones are out of there. But maybe not. 😕
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I'm assuming you've tried a vitamin supplement like Nutri-drench or Sav-a-chik? If so, perhaps also a probiotic. Some plain yogurt or Sav-a-chik also makes one. As for making the call for euthanasia, you're going to probably be the best bet to know. You see this chick daily and know better than anyone else what it is acting like. Do you think it is suffering?

As for the most humane method, I'd say the quickest one is best. A firm chop with a hatchet on the neck would do it.
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Yep, they've got electrolytes & probiotics in the water. It doesn't seem like it's suffering, persay.

Anyone use ACV? One of the chicken facebook groups raves about it.
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Update: The little Welsummer passed in its sleep last night. I had a feeling over the last few days that it wasn't going to make it. But it got held for a while yesterday & had a last meal of yummy meal worms & cranberries.
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