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Chicken old and thin

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Hay! In need of some advice as I've never come across this before in a chicken. I have a 4 year old hybrid whom was fairly active until a few weeks ago, she now just lazes around in the sun, sleeps and doesn't really run around the coop anymore, she just sits with her tail and head down. She's not egg bound, no blocked or soup crop, no worms, no other signs of Infection. She eats well and responds to treats. She is getting thin and her breastbone is quite pronounced. Any ideas? Thanks
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Does her abdomen feel swollen?

Can you separate her so you can monitor her food/water intake and observe her poop?

You may want to try giving her some poultry vitamins. Also some hard boiled egg, tuna or meat along with her normal food will help give a boost of protein.

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