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Day three and goose isn't out of the egg yet...?

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So this morning is day three after externally pipping on my little embden goose egg and he still hasn't hatched out yet. He is just sitting with his little beak hanging out of a small hole that he made three days ago. He's very quiet, but he's moving. His beak moves as be breathes and sometimes he will poke his beak way out And stretch. I've only heard him peeping once last night before I went to bed. Is it normal for geese to take this long to hatch out? I'm beginning to worry...
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No you may try and peel the shell off carefully After this long it is its only real chance . good luck .

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Okay. I'm jut hesitant to interfere. I've "helped" some birds out of eggs before and it never seems to work out... hmm.png is there no way that he'll come out on his own?
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Not as a rule this late in the game

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I'm new, not sure how to start a thread of my own... I truly hope this baby makes it out and it happy and healthy!!

I'm curious of a question of my own... I have a goose that started setting eggs, 4 have hatched. Her hubby has been away from her for most of this time. I let him in with her (as she decided to nest in the chicken house) and he seemed mad that she had babies, even biting at them. I removed him because I didn't want the babies hurt... Will he accept them as his own (which they are) or will he kill them? I could live with that if he did. Any suggestions?
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I have never had a goose go broody on me. Only four Canadians that I raised from very young and they eventually joined a flock that flew over. If you want the babies to live (which after seeing how cute they are I WOULD!) then I'd keep the male away. He'll be just fine alone from his lady for a little while. If you don't care then I don't see why not take the chance.
P.S. I ended up having to assist the little guy out of the egg on account that he was being shrink wrapped inside the egg. It was a very scary ordeal, but he's looking good now. smile.png anybody know how to tell if the little guys a boy or girl? It's an Embden.
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Oh my! Thank you for the response, autocorrect made it seem like I would be ok with him hurting them!!! I am not ok with that!!! Oh dear, thank you for suggesting a solution to what I meant!!!
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I want them to live !!!
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Oh my gosh they're adorable. Yah I would definitely keep te male away if he's showing aggression.
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I feel for him (Leeroy Jenkins) but his wifey, Dandelion and her precious babies are more important than him wanting in to be with with her. He waits by the gate sad.png
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