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Entire body Spasms

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Saturday morning I found one of my 7 chickens spread out on the couch not moving. It seems like her legs were partially paralyzed because usually she doesn't let me touch her. I brought her inside in a bunny cage and things have just gotten worse. Her body keeps having spasms or seizures. Sometimes her head will go straight forward and her feet will come up over her head. I can feel her entire body tensing. It is fairly Non-Stop. I am giving her the infant vitamins and rooster booster and the silver antibiotic Stuff. Plus electrolytes in her water. I have no idea what it is or what else I can do. Please help! She is almost two and a half months old and an Easter Egger.
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Coop, not couch.
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Can you post a video or photos?

What are "the infant vitamins", what formula of "rooster booster" (rooster booster is a name brand) and what is the "silver antibiotic stuff"?





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The vitamins are Poly-vi-sol that I have read all about on this site. It's infant multivitamin supplement (no iron).

The rooster booster is the liquid b12 plus vitamin K.

Life-Lytes mega tabs is the electrolytes dissolved in her water.

It has been three days now.



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Oh, and the silver stuff is SilverBiotics.


(My previous post with the video is being checked by moderators right now)

Infant vitamins is what everyone on this forum recommends... poly-vi-sol.

Booster was the liquid B12 plus Vitamin K.

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Thanks for posting the video.

It looks like Marek's in my opinion. Someone else may have a better idea or insight.

The vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and silver biotic will give her supportive care, but there is no cure for Marek's.

There is always a possibility she may recover, time will tell. The best you can do is keep doing what you are doing and making sure she keeps hydrated and eats.

I do highly recommend you read the first link below, it is lengthy, but is packed with helpful information so you know what you are dealing with. If she recovers she will be a carrier for life and the illness can be transmitted to any other chickens you currently have (those are most likely exposed already) and any chickens that are introduced in the future.

If she doesn't make it I recommend you send her for necropsy so you can get confirmation on whether or not it truly is Marek's, this will give you peace of mind, as well as knowing exactly what illness you have and how to try to control it.


Here is more info on Marek's and some videos that show Marek's chickens as well.




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