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Muscovy on eggs!

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I currently have a Muscovy on some eggs and was wondering if I need to separate her and the ducklings from the other ducks I have if she hatches any?

I've never hatched ducklings at all let alone let a duck hatch them herself! She is super SUPER protective I've got a couple of nasty pecks from her and she chases off all
Other ducks that come within 10 feet of her (I don't know if that's normal for Muscovy) I think she could very easily handle her brood against any problems from other ducks but I thought I'd ask what other people do
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Should probably add that the eggs she is on are runner and buff duck eggs . . For some reason she ate the ones that were hers and kept the ones that were not :-/
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I have had one of my Muscovy drakes eat the duckling after hatch so you may want to keep an eye on any drakes that are around her... otherwise letting her set and hatch those eggs should be fine. My Muscovy hens have all been good mommas.
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I think she will be an excellent mum smile.png

Just a couple of other things do I have to provide chick crumb or will they just forage around for food? And if I do provide crumb what's to stop the rest of my flock from eating it!

I've got a lovely bath for my flock but it's up high there is a ramp to it to get in and out do I need to provide a low lvl water source or will they just get on with it?

Sorry I've never let any of my birds hatch there own eggs in all my years of keeping chicken I've always incubated myself. It's a first for me! I wouldn't have let her sit on eggs in the first place but I was at work for 5 days and I just didn't notice that she was sitting on eggs and by the time I did it was a bit to late to take them off her then :-/
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