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The Flock

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     My first post on here just to talk about the flock haha:cd. Anyhow, I have 4 pullets (2 Americaa, 1 Rhodie, and 1 Barred Rock) and 4 duck (1 Pekin drake, 1 Blonde Orpington hen, 1 Black Indiana Runner drake [??], and 1 Mallard hen) and I'm pretty excited. Although I'm mostly sure on my runner being a drake (both his and my pekin's quacking is really quiet and raspy), I can't be quite certain until I see those curly feathers. Also, I'm very new to ducks, how old until the hens start laying? They are all roughly two months.

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I think the earliest chickens start laying is at 5 months. Your flock sounds wonderful by the way. Though I'm pretty new at chickens myself, we just got six supposed Ameracaunas but now that I've seeken BYC's help I think some are EE's, some mixes and some Black Sex-Links and all but one are boys:rant. Though I still have two Silkies too young to tell and two ducklings that no one seems to want to help me gender..

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oops I meant duck, our Pekins didn't start until they were about 5 months though. And if your runner is sounding raspy then my bet is on drake. I have two myself, both Pekins.

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My Runners started laying between 4 and 6 months of age.


Keep an eye on those drakes.  Generally, it's best to have three or more females per male.  Sometimes it works out one to one, sometimes not.  I would be careful to protect your girls, as they are the smaller ones.  Drakes can be brutal when mating. 


Also keep the drakes from your chickens.


Please keep us updated - and share stories.  We all enjoy learning about how everyone's ducks are doing.


We need to keep every member of the flock safe.  From predators and sometimes from each other!

Please PM me, or use @Amiga in the message if you would like to hear from me soon.  


Please PM me, or use @Amiga in the message if you would like to hear from me soon.  

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Do you have any experience in what could happen with an uneven male-to-female ratio? We have two female and two male Pekin's and they toned down the laying of the females through the winter but we've caught them more then once in the past few weeks. I'm concerned for the summer of what could happen.

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