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Cochin can't stay awake

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I have a one year old Cochin that I recently treated for a "spoiled" crop. The procedure I used involved tipping myself forward with her under my arm while holding her crop. She vomited three times, each time less and less came out. The next morning, she appeared to be doing well..breathing better, mostly empty crop, no strange head movements. That was two days ago. Now, she cannot seem to stay awake. This started yesterday and had gotten worse. She tries to walk around the pen like she normally would, but falls asleep every few steps. I'm not sure what is happening. Please help.
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She may be weak from not getting enough fluids and nutrients, or she might have choked during the vomiting procedure. I would give her water with electrolytes and vitamins, or add a tespoonful of sugar, and a pinch of salt to a liter of water, get her to drink by dropper or holding a spoon to her beak. Sour crop is hard to treat, since it can be caused by different things. Go to the top of this page to the search box, and enter impacted crop or sour crop, and look for an article by Two Crows on how to treat those.
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