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Black tips & white spots on comb

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What is our orpington roosters problem?

Our troubleshooting:
It has been below freezing a few nights lately, but humidity has been quite low. Even though they are outside, I really don't suspect frostbite.

I also don't think it is fowl pox as he is bright and energetic. His legs are not showing problems at this point.

He has 5 of his own hens, 3 are favorites, so I am thinking it is not testosterone.

We checked for mites, he is clean.

Nobody is picking on anyone from what we can see.

The back end of his comb is cold. Could it just be bad circulation?

He had purple on the tips yesterday, black today. The white spot showed up today.

Any help is appreciated.
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It appears to be dried blood from either pecking or from something he has scraped his comb on, and the white is where that type of injury is healing.
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My daughter figured that as well (scraping injury...white spots) as her horse gets the same sort of thing on her injuries as they heal. Smart girl.
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