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Eggs half full

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Does anyone know what could be causing my hen to lay eggs that are half full? These are fresh eggs, yolk is intact, no bad smell, and they seem normal in every other way. The hen seems healthy, eats the same food as the others, plenty of food, always plenty of water. No recent changes in nesting boxes or adding new birds. Eggs were normal before, this just recently began. I'm stumped. And can't find any information anywhere. Thanks in advance for any ideas!!

Wheaton-Blue Wheaton Ameraucanas
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I don't know what would cause that.

Here is publication that you may want to look at if you haven't seen it.

Hope that helps.

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Is it just that one? Or has it been a few of them? (Eggs is what I mean not hens)
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It has been quite a few eggs but it seems to be never more than one per day so it seems like only one hen and is affected.
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Thank you I will look at that!
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