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Hen house inside electric fence?

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We are building our first coop. We have a wooded slope outside and want to fence in a large area with electric netting around a big oak tree. We want to build a house for 12 birds under the oak canopy inside the netting. I know we need roosting areas and nesting boxes, but do we need any covered outdoor coop area? We are in northern california so pretty warm in the summer and some rainy days in the winter but no snow. I guess I want to know if we need only a smallish sleeping/roosting/laying house that is locked up at night and then they can have free access to the netted woodland areas all day?
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Some people don't cover there all depends if you have alot predators or not.. sounds like the oak tree may provide some protection from hawks .
I'm sure be hard to cover a run with trees in middle. .
Personally I'd probably just give it a try.. if you start having problems. .then rethink it
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