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Sex of Turkey Poults

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Sorry if this is a question that's been asked or discussed here before. I searched and nothing matching came up.  I know that males (jakes, gobblers) normally develop spurs on their legs on the Eastern Wild Turkeys that are in the area that I live.  I know when they are younger, the spurs start out as "buttons" on their legs.  Do all heritage breeds have the spurs on the males?  I have (3)Royal Palm, (3)Narragansett and (1)Bourbon Red poults. They are 3 weeks old. The Narragansett and Bourbon are almost double the size of the Royal Palm in body size.  One Narragansett is slightly bigger than the other two.  "He" struts, spits and gobbles.  I picked him up and could feel the "buttons" on "his" legs.  Just wondering if anyone has used this to try and determine the sex of their poults.  I don't know if the different breeds exhibit different features more prominently than others.  The Bourbon has a more pronounced snood than all the others. Unfortunately I only have one and can only compare it to the other 2 breeds.  I was relating the Narragansett to Eastern Wild Turkeys because the breed supposedly originated from a cross with that breed.  This is my first experience at raising turkeys.  I am amazed at how calm and relaxed they are compared to chickens.  I have to move the poults out of the way to get feed and water dishes.  Chicks head for the farthest point from me when I reach to get there feed and water.  Any input on the spurs or any other comments welcomed.  Will try and get pics later of differences and will closer check all the legs of my poults and take pics.

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If you have a 3 week old poult doing all that he's is gonna be an over achiever.

Spurs are on all tom turkeys. Same as beards.

But beards can also be found in hens. I have 2 bearded bourbon reds.

Royal palms are one of the smaller weight heritage turkeys. Bourbons and narragansett are slightly bigger in body weight.

Welcome to turkeys. You will find they have much better personalities than chickens.

Palms can be flighty. Bourbons overly curious.
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I did check a couple other poults last night and they had the "buttons" basically nodules or bumps where spurs would be normally on toms or jakes.  I have never looked at a hen to see if she has the bumps or nodules.  Sort of like all turkeys have the snood just larger on toms. Just trying to figure if it is a way to determine gender at a young age by the spurs or lack thereof.  Porter's webpage has an email link on there. I will email them and ask.

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