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Fowl pox, mites or stickyfleas?

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Hello all and thank you in advance for your replies helping me decipher what I've got.
I got a pair of Australorp roos, they are 2 yrs old and housed together. I've got them in a coop with a straw floor. They roost high above in the coop. They have a good sized run and I let then out to free range in the morning then put them away before I let my others chickens out, (20 hens/1 more rooster)
I noticed yesterday morning these little black raised bumps all over the roosters comb and waddles. They seem to have appeared all of the sudden. They are acting "normal" appetites are good, no weight loss. Is this Avian pox or maybe mites? Its spring here, mosquitos are out already and it's been a very wet last week. I researced last night all over this board and it really doesn't look like stickyfleas, but I'm no expert. The bumps are black black, not really reddish brown like the pictures of stickyfleas I've seen. I don't have any diameticus earth down for them because they dust in the dirt in their run and I've never seen mites on them. My other chickens haven't contracted whatever ailment this is yet. They are housed in a separate coop.
Any ideas as to diagnosis and treatment would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully you can determine by the pictures, the fellas didn't want to hold still for photos so the're not the best quality

PS. Had difficulty loading pics. The link is below and hopefully it will open for you. Thanks again.
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Those look like peck marks, although the pics are not big enough to be sure. Peck marks are very black, from dried blood, while fowl pox usually starts out light tan progreesing to brown to dark brown. Fowl pox is usually not too serious, unless there are yellow patches inside the mouth and throat. Normally the lesions disappear within 3 weeks.
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Thank you.  

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