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Very Ill Chick:((

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So my little lavender peking bantam Skye, has been broody for about 3 weeks now. Usually when she becomes broody, she gets ill, which has happened once again. My mother and I took her to the vets today because she had an infected eye and we wanted some stronger anti biotics to get rid of the infection as our brolene eye drops arent strong enough. We were called into the room and the vet gave her a shot of anti biotics. We were sat in the waiting room and she suddenly starting gaping and panting fast and desperately, we were took back into another room and she was given a steroid shot. Her eye looks much better, but she wont move, eat, drink and just wants to sleep. Is this a normal effect or could she have had some sort of reaction? Shes my baby and im so worried about her!
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Welcome to BYC.


Since the treatment(s) were administered by the Vet today, it is probably best to address your questions and concerns with them. Your vet knows what medication(s) were given and why, and hopefully what is the expected outcome.


Just my opinion:)

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Ok thank you. On the plus side she survived the night, shes only just beginning to wake up so were hoping she will start picking up whilst im at school.
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I hope when you get home from school that she is doing well.

Please do call the vet and relay your concerns, they should be able to answer any questions that you have.

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