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Spots on chickens comb

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So I am new to chickens and I have never seen this before but I noticed a spot on one of my hen's combs the other day, now there are more and another hen has a little spot too. I am only seeing 2 hens with spots out of 15 so I'm hoping that it is not going to spread whatever it is... PLEASE HELP!! Pictures below.


Chicken#1 (spot just popped up)


Chicken #2 (saw one spot the other day, now many spots...)




Chicken #1 again.



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I'm thinking it might be mites, or peck marks.  Our chickens had the same lest two of them...


My mind's blank on what we diagnosed it as, but I remember we put probiotics in the water, and they got through alright.  



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If you have mosquitoes out right now, I would say that is fowl pox. If no mosquitoes, then it is probably peck marks. Fowl pox is a virus that lasts about 2-3 weeks, and requires no treatment unless there are yellow lesions inside the beak and throat. Watch your chickens to see if they are pecking one another.
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There are a ton of mosquitoes!!! That is probably what it is unfortunately. Is it contagious?

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It can be contagious in that flies and mosquitoes can spread it among the birds. The best thing to do is to place the ones affected together, and make sure they are eating a drinking normally. If any stop eating, then look into their throat for any yellow spots that could b wet pox. Any ones who have sores around their eyes should have some Terramycin eye ointment applied to keep down any eye infection. About all you can do to the lesions, is to put some iodine on them to help dry them up, but don't disturb the scabs.
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Is it contagiuos bird to bird or only through the flies and mosquitos? I really have no way of separating they from the rest of the birds but I watch them for about an hour every night and both eating great and drinking. No behavioral changes yet (maybe fewer eggs from the hen that is old enough to lay but that may be coincidence).
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