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Mass, sudden death of week old chicks

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Holy cow.

I had 10 seven day old chicks this morning acting totally normal. I get home from work and they are still acting normal. I fed them and gave fresh water like normal.

A few hours later I check on them and every single one is dead. All are laid out with their legs sticking out straight. They are scattered around the brooder but most are farthest away from the light. The thermometer right under the light read 95F. when I found them. About half have intestine protruding from the rectum somewhat, but I assume that is a normal death response.

Man, this is a new one for me. Any ideas on where to start as to a cause? I'm so sad/angry.

My brooder is a 50 gallon storage bin. I use the same water for the chicks as the adults, as well as the humans in the house. The feed is the same I've ever used and had great success with.

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Disregard. My 3 1/2 yo daughter admitted to "playing" with the chicks and that they "got sick". She knows better and it's the first time she did anything like this.

I am keeping my cool and lecturing. Man, this sucks so bad.
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Sorry for your loss
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Oh my! So sorry. I had a loss of four 4 1/2 week old coturnix this morning to predators. Maimed 2 others. My pen wasn't secure enough and I am rueful I put off upgrades until this weekend.

Would anyone try to raised 2 one legged quail or is it time to euthanize? They can't really walk over to get water but I think they can live if food and water were within reach...
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Oh, man I feel horrible for your loss. When my sister was about that same age she did a similar thing to our kitten. I am three years younger than her so I am just thankful that she didn't play with me like that.

For the maned quail: that's another tough call for sure. If you only have a few and you are attached to them you may not feel you have any choice but keep them. If they are being raised for food you may decide to keep them for a couple of weeks until they are big enough to clean, or you might want to consider doing the deed now as to avoid the risk of infection.. I know that's not much help, just going through the same thing with a hen that broke her leg. For the record her leg was broken not missing so I opted to try a splint but I'm still not sure if it was the right call.
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Thanks. I kept one alive but decided it had no future. It wobbled sadly into corners. I think the healthy quail snuggled with it for warmth and pity. My 9 year old said it was time to put it to out of its misery. Now it's in a shallow grave. The other had its legs but was hiding it under its feathers. A few minor injuries are all I have to dealook with... except quail PTSD. They used to be so happy but now sad.png
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