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Sick hen

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Help...... I'm really new to rasing chickens.i was given three silkies. They all went Brody so i bought eggs for them. Onlytwo of the hen hatched thiers. The other started cpo-psrneting withone of the hens. Always together. Then two days ago the hen started pickibg on her.i split them up and she seemed fine.then that night she slept with the one hen and bsbies she co-psrnet with.but then the next mornibg6they went back to picking on her,so i removed her to the house.she eat and drank wster yesterday but now to day she wont eat or drink and is shaking her head a little anddoesn't want to open her eyes. Does snyone have any ideas9 help.
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Welcome! What do you mean picking on her? How severe? How is she doing? Does she have any other symptoms?
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attacking  her. hurt her wing. trapped her in a corner.... i washed her face and she opened her eyes. she seems to be feeling better. she wont drink much and will only eat her meal worms... she stays right in the low box and doesn't try to get get out. i rescued  her from a home that didn't interact with the chickens except to throw some food on the ground and gather her and her sisters don't like or trust people. i did take her to the vet and they did see that her wing is hurt and put her on inflammatory's. also put her on an antibiotics  just in case.  

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The reason I was asking is because it is actually normal chicken behavior to "attack". They have a pecking order and broodiness tends to bring out the squabbles. Generally if there is no blood, do not interfere, you will only make things worse.
However she could be sick, and apparently injured. So yes you are correct keep her seperate. Reintroducing will be rough on her. If you can keep her seperate but within sight and hearing of the other chickens. That will make things easier on her later.
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Im going wait and make sure dhes not sick .then put in back in the ysrd but separate from yhe others for a while. Then make sure shes ok.i do have one hen thats meaner thst all heck. Ty
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