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Angel Wing Advice

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Hi all,


I noticed last week that one of my geese has the start of angel wing on both wings.


I wrapped her in vet wrap and put tape over the top to stop her from pulling it off.


A couple of days later she got the wrap off, one of the wings was fixed but the other was just as bad if not worse. So I wrapped her up again.


The I noticed my gander start to develop it so I wrapped him up. He stayed wrapped up for 24 hours and now is an expert of getting the wrap off. His wing looks fixed now but I wanted to keep it wrapped just in case. My goose seems to have watched him because now she yanks it off within minutes! It's wrapped in vet wrap and masking tape.


My geese were really tame and cuddly and now they run from us because they know they are going to get wrapped. They get really stressed out and like I say, after wrapping them they have it off within an hour or so.

What should I do?


I am in two minds. Should I keep wrapping it every day for them to get it off within an hour or so or should I leave them be?


Is it purely cosmetic? Will it cause them difficulty in life?


If I take them to a vet will the vet just wrap it like I did?


I really don't know what to do :( The have one and a half scoops of feed, which is 15% protein, which they eat about half of and spend all day grazing on grass. They are 6.5 weeks old. 

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I wrap mine with duck tape all around the body. This is the only thing that works consistently. It's a little more difficult to get off, but it's worth it.

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I've tried wrapping it all around the body sad.png they get it off
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You put the duck tape directly on the feathers over the bad wing and all the way under it. Go around at least two times. It won't come off until you take it off.

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I have wrapped mine in the type of wrap from the feed store often used for horses and on their legs. I then wrapped over it with an ace bandage. If they get it wet of course it gets a bit more lose. Good luck!

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