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Hello I am in need of some help! I am sort of new to this chicken raising thing, we got our 7 chickens as 18 week old pullets back in November of 2015. This morning I went out there and saw this huge mass in front of the one chickens eye. Her eye is watering and sort of runny. The mass is firm and doesn;t really do anything when Ipush on it. The other chickens all look fine. I didnt hear any rattly breathing or anything and there is no nasal discharge on her. It has rained for close to three weeks here so I have not spent time out there other than to clean the coop. there fore I have no idea how long she has had this. Does anyone have any ideas or know what this is? I;m worried that its something bad...praying its just a sinus infection or respiratory issue. Thanks for any help you can give me!