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Chick Questions

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So about a three months ago I bought 7 chicks. Now I am fairly certain one of them is a rooster and the others are hens. So I just have a couple of questions about my chicks. First of all when will my hens start laying eggs? When will my rooster start crowing? And lastly when will he start to try to mate the girls? Anything will help thank you.

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Welcome to Chickendom! And about your questions, depending on the breeds of pullets you have, the time they start laying will differ, but, on average, pullets lay at around 6 months. For the cockerel, he will become fertile around the same time the pullets start laying, it does also differ on the breed. Finally for the crowing, it will occur at about 4 to 5 months of age however, this again depends on their breed.  :cd

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Your pullets will likely begin laying between 20 and 30 weeks. Your cockerel could start crowing as early as 8 weeks, or as late as 20 weeks for late bloomers. Most start by 12 weeks.


Cockerels are sexually mature before pullets. So unless you have a slow maturing breed such as a Brahma or Cochin, he will be ready to mate before the pullets are ready. If his attentions are too much then you may want to separate him until the pullets mature and become more cooperative.

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Two of my girls are Cochin, one Americana, one Rhode island red, on New Jersey Giant and on Amber white. My boy is an Amber white. Thank you for all the help I really appreciate it!

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