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Chicken, skinned alive...

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Hi, I could use some advise. My chicken has been skinned alive, I shall say. She may have been stuck in garden fencing as she is free range so I'm not sure how this happened. The entire right side under the wing has been skinned off, the bad part is the skin and quills/feathers are dangling off of her. I need to know if I can cut that piece off without hurting her or causing her to bleed out. Yes she has been separated from the flock. Any help would be great, Thanks!


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Bumping this thread for help.

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I don't know a whole lot but it looks like the skin is barely hanging on. If thats the case I would clip it.also clean It or spray It with vetracyn. chickens are tough just keep It clean and keep an eye out for infection. some people also use neosporine w/o pain relief but I just use blue kote when I think it's necessary.
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how is she doing?
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I have seen that before and one of the only things that you could do is cut the piece off, or put it down. The best and safest thing you could do that would couse the least pain would be to put her down.  So sorry! Therese

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