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Noisy chicks!!

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I keep reading that happy chicks are quiet or chirp softly. Mine are neither.  They're quiet when they sleep, but when they're awake, they're constantly, constantly making chirps, trills, peeps.  Not particularly in a hollering for mom sort of way, but NOT soft or quiet.  This is my first batch; there's eight of them, about 9 days old.  They're in an 18"x36" brooder made out of two cardboard boxes.  I had them in a Sterilite tote, but they seemed to need the height to hop up on their heated tunnel and flap around a bit.  I can't tell if they're nervous, or excited, or bored?  Or just want to see out because the Sterilite was clear--cardboard, no so much.  Occasionally one or another will do more intentional and loud peeps, repeated several times and evenly spaced, but it seems half they time they are trying to get the other chicks' attention.  Are they ok?  How do I tell if they aren't?  I'm feeling pretty clueless right now!

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Perhaps it seems as though they are making a lot of noise because there are eight of them. They're more likely to stimulate one another into being rambunctious.


That said, chicks will chirp loudly, very loudly, when they run out of food. When they are lonely or can't locate the other chicks. When they are being raised alongside the adult chickens and the adults disappear into the coop for the night. (Where did everybody go?) When they are cold.


Occasional loud chirping is nothing to become alarmed over. It's when the loud chirping is non-stop that, "Houston, we have a problem".

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Thank you for the reassurance!  I have just a little pop hole for them between the two boxes; maybe I should widen that.  The "not being able to locate everyone" does explain a good bit of their behavior when they're chirping like that.

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