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New-to-me Rooster

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Sorry, I'm braggin' all over BYC about this rooster that just happened to wander into my yard. I can't believe what an asset he is. He crows in the middle of the night if there's a predator (cat/dog/coyote) about. He protects his flock of ladies from the annoying drakes (I also keep ducks). I'm still a bit afraid/wary of him as I've never had a roo, but so far he seems to back off from me. I hope all goes well in winter, as he has a large comb and does NOT go into the coop (yet). I think it's because of the ducks. All my flock share the coop. Anyway, here he is. He's a beaut in all ways I can think of. Near as I can figure, he's a standard size American Gamefowl. 

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Wow he is beautiful.
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He's a stunner for sure!


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He's a yearling, looks to be a "golden duckwing" game bird
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I'd love to have him. ...he's a handsome fella
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Mikeldb: Can you tell me if he will get more aggressive (toward humans) the older he gets? I can't have that, as I'm really not supposed to have roosters in this town anyway! Thanks for the info! 

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They can be very friendly if handled a lot, I've had some that where sweet and some that werent, the ones that werent usually weren't handled
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I'd just give him space and give him treats and see how he acts
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