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3 day old- leg injury?

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I have a 3 day old Columbian Wyandotte chick that all of a sudden this evening I've noticed has a leg issue- I'm assuming some type of injury from being in brooder with other chicks or perhaps something that "just happens sometimes".

She can not stand on her own, as the "good leg" isn't strong enough, so she topples over.

I'm wondering about a slipped tendon, but I can't "feel" anything on this tiny baby. Im new to chicks (and pretty new to chickens) I did a splint like I found on another thread, but feel like I did more harm than good. I have her in a little cup but is the purpose of that to keep her in a "huddled" position and still? Should I have her in a separate space away from others (they just hop over/on her...which may have been the problem in the first place, as she is the smallest)
If I keep her in a cup with the others, how does she escape the heat if she needs to, or shall I watch her all night?

How often should I make sure she has water and is food also a frequent necessity or could I try that in the morning? She would not be able to get to food/water on her own.

I really hate the helpless feeling. I considered kanga-chick care like with my premie son, to keep her warm and contents smile.png but I would certainly earn the title of crazy chick lady.

Is there any hope for her?

(Side note...lost our first hen this morning of unknown cause sad.png so it's been a rough day. I'm about to go out of chicken business.)
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Update this morning.
Very still, but still taking water and ate a little.
Good leg appears a little stronger.
Going to give more vitamins. Still question if I have the splint correctly applied...[IMG]
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