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Clipping Wings

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Coop and enclosed run are within our fenced suburban backyard. Got me thinking, if I could make sure they wouldn't go over our 4 ft chain link fence, they could have access to the yard too while we are outside. Would it be worth it? Any other considerations?
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You'd also need to consider what can come in.  If you've got chain-link, who might be on the other side and see them.  A "see-through" fence is not as good a deterrent in the same way as a solid fence. 

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Yes, we'd definitely need to be out there! We don't have a neighborhood dog problem per se, but I know a four foot fence won't stop much...
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Originally Posted by jennyf View Post

but I know a four foot fence won't stop much...

I'd be too stressed to enjoy letting them loose, I'd stick with a chicken tractor or something where they are safe.  The thing with wing clipping is that it can stop them getting height to go over the fence, but it can also stop them getting height if they need to fly away from danger.  

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