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Chick feed question is this ok?

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My local feed/farm store told me this was what they sold as Chick grower, that it's the same thing. my chicks are 5 weeks old layer breeds. The sack does have a picture of a turkey, pheasant AND chickens, so I don't know what to think. Is this feed ok for my chicks?
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Yes,Yes and yes. Very good feed . I would use this for my chicks till they are 10weeks old or more. Very good mix that helps chicks grow fast. Much needed vitamins, minerals, all in this feed. You are fine.
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Ok thank you. I was confused because I was reading info that said chicks under 10 weeks of age shouldn't have more than 18-20 percent protein and that more can be harmful to their growth.
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Ok, not trying to be a pain, but I just found this info on according to this, 22 percebt protein is too much for layer chicks. I'm confused I don't want to be nitpicky, just want to give these chicks the right feed. Advice? Am i way overthinking this?

"Starter Feeds

Newly hatched chicks ages 0-10 weeks should be fed a chick starter diet with a protein level between 10%-20%. These rations are formulated to provide proper nutrition for growing baby chickens. Higher protein starter rations (22%-24%) are reserved for meat birds such as turkey, quail and pheasant. This higher protein level maximizes growth for broilers and roasters, but is not necessary or desirable for egg laying chickens."
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yes this is to much protien 18% is recomended for layers but for broilers that would be ok you need to get chick starter

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've e raised chickens for way over 50years. Proteins help the chicks grow. Will not harm them in any way. Just take care of the chicks with water feed. Meds if needed. No way will this hurt the chicks.I am done.
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Ok one more thing. 2 percent over is like. A dash extra of protein in a full bag of feed.such a small amount this is. Do what ever you think is right for you. But I'd not be worried.
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Kbky1973, thank you. That's why I ask in forums, because I trust the experience of long-time chicken owners like yourselves more than anything else. I am sure the feed is just fine for them and that such a small difference won't matter in the long run. I think us new chicken owners just get worried when we don't know. Thanks!
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You are so very welcome. Any time.
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