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Originally Posted by critter lover View Post

Do you know how to tell the difference between male and female pekins?


How old are they?

Around 5 months or so (some earlier, some later), the males develop a drake feather. Before that, voice sexing is your best bet. If it is a real quack, it is a female, if it is a raspy/hoarse sounding attempt at a quack, it is a male.


If the pekins and mallards weren't brooded together, then you have to take time to introduce them. Ducks don't like change and that includes bringing in new friends. Some may not care, but others will chase and grab the new ones if given the chance.

I have 4 ducks, all girls. 3 of them do not like the new chicks that have been introduced, the fourth doesn't even care.



Take introductions slow. If they are all out and about, supervise and don't allow chasing of the new ones. If they are penned, the new ones should have a space of their own for a while where everybody can see each other, but not get to each other that way they can get to know the new neighbors through the fence. Usually once everybody is the same size, you can let them fight their own battles, but with old pekins and younger mallards, you are going to have a good size difference, so you will want to keep an eye on their non fence interactions for a while.

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Originally Posted by chayne4 View Post

Should the dominant drake be completely separated out of sight or is it ok to still have him in an enclosure inside their larger fenced area so he is separated from others by a fence?


Inside the other should be fine - then he won't be as lonely.

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I have 5 Pekin male, 1 Pekin female, 1 male mixed breed (blue Swedish/call?) and 10 Khaki Campbell females. (one of my Pekin ducks, I'm still not sure if they are male or female. The tail is not quite curled and it's way to hard to hear their voices with all of them together. But I have found 12 eggs once. So I have hope!).


My question is about two of the males, they have feathers missing on the back of their necks and some spots even look red.  I'm pretty sure it's from fighting. I've seen them on the females but also on each other? I'm guessing it's a dominant thing? Should I buy some more females, do we not have enough?


   I was wondering what to do. Is there something safe I can use on them, or would they just continue to nip at each others neck and any medicine would be bad for them?


   One more question, just out of curiosity... how much layer feed should they be receiving (not including treats)? I've read in "Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks" that it is recommended 0.40-0.60 lbs. per bird daily. My ducks devour the food, even though they are fed twice a day. Is that typical?


 Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :/ 

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First off you have way to many Drakes......As Drakes mature they fight....You will have to down size the Drakes...Two Drakes would be fine....In order to really sex your Pekins, pick one up and walk away with it.....If It QUACKS it is a hen...If it sounds Raspy its a Drake....




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Ducks don't always follow the book :lol: - I would adjust how much you are giving them a bit, but I also would check their weight or at least their body condition - if they are a good weight, then I feel you are probably doing fine with them.


My Runners' appetites vary, so I just try to keep watch over their condition, occasionally weighing them.


I also give my Runner flock free choicce, food 24/7 for a number of reasons.  Some folks do well with two or three feedings a day.  My metric is - are they healthy and content?

Please PM me, or use @Amiga in the message if you would like to hear from me soon.  


Please PM me, or use @Amiga in the message if you would like to hear from me soon.  

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