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Grains For Chickens, OK?

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I know chickens aren't cows, but I am wondering since so many chicken feeds are made with grain, if that is ok. Are grains a type of food chickens would eat in the wild? Thanks.

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Grains will not provide complete nutrition. Grains aren't the greatest source of protein. Egg whites are almost entirely protein. A hen will lay an egg every day. That protein for the egg whites has to come from somewhere....

If you want healthy, productive birds, feed them a nutritionally balanced feed. If you want sickly birds that hardly ever lay, go ahead and feed them only grains.

While feral chickens will feed on grains, they are omnivores by nature and need more than just plant matter to survive.

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I believe you are talking about chicken feed made from grain & yes grains are natural for chickens, but not at all natural for cows.  The problem with chicken feed is that it is all grain today instead of having animal protein in it.  Regular chicken feed is fine for your chickens, but adding some animal protein as a snack would make it better.

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