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Sleepy chick!

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OK so I'm new to raising baby chicks and to train myself I got 2 cream legbars that are round 6 weeks and a random easter Egger the guy threw in. For the past few days one of my legbars just wants to sleep and not as active as the other 2. My friend who is a vet looked at the poop and didn't see anything that points to Coccidiois nor worms. I have done electrolytes in the water and egg yoks. What else can you recommend to do or suggestions what might be causing her to be very lethargic. If it's a digestive issue how do I look for that? Thanks
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At 6 weeks old coccidiosis is the most common illness in chicks. Make sure they are drinking the electrolytes. If I see a chick that is several weeks old and not eating or lethargic, I would get some Corid and treat them for coccidiosis. It won't hurt to treat them.
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