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Chicks and coccidiosis

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I think my chickens might have coccidiosis. Is it bad to treat them for that if they do not have it? I got corid to treat them.
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No, Corid will not harm them, even if they don't have it, but you can lose them if you don't treat it. Corid is not an antibiotic, but blocks thiamine in the organism that causes cocci. What symptoms are you seeing? Lethargy, not eating, hunched posture, runny stools with mucus or blood, can all be symptoms. Dosage of Corid is 1 1/2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days.
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Lethargic, laying with wings fluffed out and not eating well. They are 5 weeks old. Stools are dark and runnier than usual but I don't see blood yet. I put the cortid in their water. They all drink just a little. Should i also force water with a dropper?
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I am having the same issue,also 5 week old chicks and treating with corid.I just picked them up on Friday,and acclimating them to the coop wondering if I should let them into the attached run now so that they can begin to build an immunity to the soil??
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