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Breathing and digging face.

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Hello, I have a 12 day old chick that is struggling. She is not as big as the other chicks and her crop was very hard yesterday so I gave her a bit of olive oil in some moistened food and started very gentle massaging. It was softer and smaller today and I'm still massaging a bit. But I'm wondering if it's something else. She digs at the side of her face and beak a lot and I can see her low cheeks and under her beak puffing out with each breath. None of the other chicks are doing this. She sleeps a lot and I wonder if she's having trouble getting air and oxygen. Thoughts?
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Welcome to BYC. Give her fluids with electrolytes and vitamins, but not more oil. Keep massaging her crop. She may be scratching at her crop, but chicks do scratch a bit. Chicks can have many problems, but hopefully she will be alright. Make sure they have good air circulation, dey and clean bedding, and keep the temperature at 80-85 F with a thermometer. Did you get your chicks from a hatchery, breeder, or a feed store?
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