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What Happened to my Chick's Neck?

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Hi! I have a 10 week old Lavender Orpington chick with a crooked neck. Today I picked him up, held him for a couple minuets, and put him gently on the ground. He looked fine when I picked him up and when I was holding him, but when I looked at him after setting him back on the ground, his neck was crooked. I waited about 10 minuets to see if it would correct itself and it didn't. It looks as if he can only look to the right, he wont turn his head to the left or front. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but his neck is crooked and I cant figure out what I could've done to case it. I was pretty sure I set him down gently, (he didn't fly out of my arms like the others). What happened? What can I do to fix it? Will he be okay, or is he in pain? 



(He is the lavender/grey one on the right)



Thank you!

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That's a bit odd if he seemed to be fine before you picked him up. Not sure if he twisted his neck or not. He also could be suffering from Wry Neck so you may want to offer him some Vitamin E and Selinium.

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