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Our Chicken was attacked by our dog! - Page 4

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You poor thing...I feel sorry for you and your girl.


I wish you both the best of luck!


I'm sure you will both be fine in a few days!

I just wanted eggs!
I just wanted eggs!
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Ya, her name is Runner, because she ran away and we finally got her back
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So I cleaned out her wounds, and I am worried. She still cannot walk, but for the most part she is starting to snap out of her funk. She has two puncture wounds, though one is more like a scrape. The other is a pretty deep puncture wound. Cleaning out the deep one, I dug out ALOT of puss. Does this mean infection has already set in? If I dig out the puss, apply pure hydrogen peroxide that once, put Blu-Kote in the wound itself, and then put Neosporin in the wound, did I find it in time?

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I think you should be good, but if she starts acting strange or the wound changes color, infection may have set in. Hope your baby girl is ok 🐔🐓🐤🐣🐥
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Just an update~ she is acting much better! She can now stand up and slowly limp around. HOWEVER, I am extremely worried about infection. Twice a day we clean everything out with Vetericyn, and then swab some Blu-Kote in there, let it try for a minute or two, and then swab Neosporin in the puncture wounds as well. Is this enough to ward off infection, or no?


Also, she is starting to smell a I don't know, but it worries me. Her swelling has gone down some, so everything seems to be fine apart from a slight... funky smell. Could it beremnants of poop that cling to her stomach because she lays on the bottom of her crate?

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It is probably enough to fight off infection, but what does the scent smell like? Is it like something died, or like old feces?

I'm also glad your girl is feeling better! By the way, what kind of chicken is she?
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Originally Posted by PolishFrizzle View Post
what does the scent smell like? Is it like something died, or like old feces?


This!! ^^


Did you de-feather the area(s) so you could see the condition of the skin?


Also, what are you going to do about the dog? The chicken got out of the coop, the dog broke it's chain. Sounds like those are the only two things you have implemented to keep them apart. Sadly, the chance of it happening again are high.


When I first got chickens I made sure my labradork knew they were part of the pack and to not mess with them. When we would handle the chicks every day I'd invite Gordon to smell them and associate them with the pack. It has paid off enormously.


Now I can let the girls out of the coop in the morning, leave for a few hours with dog outside with them, and there is no problem. Gordon loves to chase any other critters in the yard and has caught a few, but leaves the girls alone.

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It is hard to smells like our chicken coop. So, perhaps, stale poop? I know our chicken coop doesn't have an infection, lol!

It does not smell like something died, but it doesn't necessarily smell just like poop. It just smells like the chicken coop, I suppose!


And we have four dogs, and all of them are great near our chickens, except for our Husky, and he has not been around chickens since he was a pupp(unlike our two german shepherd/husky mixes we got as puppies last year). We have a nice run that is at least dog-proof, but there is a small hole on top that she can fly out. She actually walked up to him, and then my dad shooed her away, and she ambled along. And then the chain broke(I have NO idea how, it is thick), and he got her. There is no way we can train him out of this behavior, and he is only put outside to use the bathroom. So, as safety measures, we have the run, they are far away, and we only have the dogs out for a few minutes at a time. It seems to me that he was running on the property and she got startled so he bit her, and then dropped her and ran a few feet away.


And by the way, she is a Speckled Sussex with a crossed beak. 83

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Thankfully, I think it is stale droppings
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Just a small update~

She is still alive, and getting better by the day. We had a setback, though, when she pecked at her skin and caused actual open wounds. But everything is healing up, though. Very slowly, however. The puncture wounds still haven't started to heal well, but the others are. It will be three weeks since the attack on Sunday. And she still hasn't laid an egg since the attack, and I am glad for it.

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