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chicken smarts, :/

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Ok, feral chickens,

one (aggressive) hen nested on the top shelf of the storage shed in my carport.  It is always locked, she flew over the top.

2 days ago we heard chicks!  I looked and 7 feet up she had at least 4 chicks and about 4 eggs? it was hard to see, she was mad and there were still eggs so I left them.  This am she was going nuts, running around the shed and the chicks were loudly cheeping. when I opened up and got inside, 6 had fallen to the concrete floor in the back.  I climbed over stuff rescued them, put then in a box just outside, she was still sitting on others? and angry. I had to push her away she was not going to leave the one on top to find the others? so now I have 7 in the box I put the 3 remaining eggs in the box too. She is not happy but is sitting with them.  

Q: I dont know how long the hatching goes on? are the 3 eggs likely to hatch?

will the chicks survive a fall of 7 feet?

should I put them on the ground and let her take them where ever she wants? or keep them contained in the box? they are wild. stupid bird!

(there is a mess in the shed I now have to get to) suggestions,

there are too many wild chicken in the area, but I could try taking them to the feed store to see if anyone wants them? they are all black prob Hwn Bantam mix.  she is not big but black stocky and healthy. 

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She's probably done ..the eggs that are left probably duds.. can you just take chicks down to the ground.. let her have them.. take the nest down too so nothing left up there
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Thanks, they seem to all have survived the fall so far, they are eating and drinking. I will relocate her tomorrow, don't want the little ones getting into the equipment.  I assumed the eggs would not hatch but don't know how many days hatching goes on for? they are heavy but

not warm. I did not want to disguard if they would hatch. She is much calmer now, but steps on them? I am giving her, oatmeal, scratch and a couple pieces of puppy chow ( she really like that)



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I agree with Rod-T - better to keep the ones that have hatched alive rather than risk them taking that jump again. The chicks need starter feed - mum can eat that too. Its better to start off with just starter feed and water. 



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